My Aberystwyth!


At long last, Our FY ABERYSTWYTH / MY ABERYSTWYTH books have been printed. If you wrote a 100 word story, be sure to read the book to see if your story made the final cut. There are 1,250 of the books and some will be in Canolfan Arad Goch, whilst others will have been spread across Aberystwyth in shops, trains and restaurants.

We are within touching distance of the pinnacle of the festival: Gwledd Gwyddno / The Sea King's Feast. It will commence on the Aberystwyth Prom at 7pm; at your service will be food, drink, entertainment and much more.

There has been a change in the programme in that the street musicians organised by Rewired Music will perform tomorrow instead of today.

Time Has Flown!


We’re getting closer to the end of the festival, and it’s been an exciting fortnight. We’re getting brilliant reactions in our workshops, for example: the flag making workshop, beach art and chalk art. We’ve also been on a walking tour Seeking Cantre’r Gwaelod where there was a chance to hear excellent poets read their poetry, an incredible lecture from Sioned Llywelyn, and amazing performances from AGwedd, BlAGur, Sam Ebenezer and the Pink Ladies. Yesterday, we had an incredible show on water: Bobbing on the bay. This included members of the public going into the water in their boats, kayaks or swimming gear, whilst the Aberystwyth Silver Band accompanied the show in a spectacular manor. Also over the past days, we’ve had the privilege of meeting another theatre company from Ireland: Armagh Rhymers. They’ve been performing in the Bandstand and all over town. They’ve also given some of our volunteers the opportunity of performing alongside them.

Yesterday, Ffion and Carwyn were in the studio with Garry Owen on Taro’r post talking about the festival and after Bobbing on the Bay, Mari Grug was on the prom interviewing the Arad Goch crew live on Heno. If you missed one of the shows, you’ll be able to find them on their respective websites.

Tomorrow, street musicians and Armagh Rhymers will be performing during the day and we hope that the weather will permit us to host the story tree once again. The final gig will be at the bandstand and will include: Danielle Lewis, Mellt, Steff Marc and Fflamau Gwyllt. All of these events are completely free of charge.

Half Way Through The Festival!


Time has flown. We've enjoyed gigs, stories and workshops. Some people recently took part in a stilt walking workshop. We have reached the halfway mark, but don't worry, there's much more to come, for example: Seeking Cantre'r Gwaelod, Bobbing On The Bay and of course, our main event: Gwledd Gwyddno - The Sea King's Feast. As well as these events, several workshops will take place through this following week, So there'll be something for everybody.

The deadline for the 100 word stories is Monday the 31st so if you want your story to be in our book, send them in to or bring them to Canolfan Arad Goch.

Today is The Day!


The day has finally arrived. Tonight at 7, Omaloma, HMS Morris & R Seiliog Will begin the festival in a fantasic way.

Weatherwise, today has been quite a miserable day however, the forecasts are optimistic about tonight.

Once again, the gig is free of charge, and there'll be a bar in the bandstand for the first time. You'll be sure to have a whale of a time.

10 Days To Go!


The opening gig which contains Omaloma, HMS Morris & R Seiliog will commence on the 21st of July. This event will begin our Festival in a wonderful fashion. Also the official programme for the festival has recently been released, so if you enter a shop here in Aber, you’ll be sure to see a few of our programmes. The programme contains so many details in terms of the events, their times and locations.

We have also been outside Siop Y Pethe collecting 100 word stories about Aberystwyth. Many of our volunteers have been assisting us and if you have an interest, you can come by on Saturday to sit at our wonderful table and you can write a 100 word story. Furthermore, the Story Tree is nearly completed. This tree will be put on the prom and there will be an opportunity for anyone to hear a story in there.

Volunteering for A Far Old Line


Hello! We are Twm and Anest, we’re doing work experience here at Arad Goch for the following week. As the festival gets nearer, excitement has started to take over the Building and the streets of the town. At the moment, we as a group of volunteers are busy collecting stories, poems and songs to create a historical collection that will be shown on the prom. Also we are busy collecting your 100 word stories for the festival. The collection is interesting for it contains humourous stories, interesting stories, creative stories and serious stories. We both urge you to send us more of these stories to keep us busy.

IMPORTANTLY, the programmes will be printed TODAY!! Make sure you get a copy or look at the website. It’ll be a hoot of a fortnight!! We’ll see you then!!



My name is Siwan and I am a volunteer in Arad Goch Theatre Company in the time leading up to the Far Old Line Festival. So far, I have been enjoying editing the company’s Facebook page and renewing the festival’s website. There are various jobs to do like painting props for The Sea King’s Feast and the marketing side of the festival. It is an amazing experience to co-work with experienced people while I learn new skills. It is an honour to lend a helping hand to an event so local and worthwhile! I have had a brilliant experience while volunteering here, and I am looking forward very much to take part in the festival itself this summer. I would definitely recommend volunteering here in the time leading up to the Old Far Line festival!


My name is Owain and I as well as others have been volunteering at Arad Goch Theatre Company, during preparations for the Far Old Line Festival. By volunteering, I have assisted Arad Goch by adding information to the Far Old Line website, advertising the event by sharing it on social media, communicating with the people who will be performing, and much more. Not only am I helping Arad Goch by volunteering, it’s a fabulous experience, and I would recommend that any of you volunteer also during the next few weeks.

FAR OLD LINE FESTIVAL is a community project by Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch

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